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Tara Lawton Voice Studio Lessons

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Have you ever wondered how the human voice and body work? What is muscle memory, and how can it help us become better musicians? Why are we so drawn to the voice, singing, and music for celebration, connection, and even therapy? Music plays a vital role in our well-being and daily lives, and Tara is here to guide you in discovering and honing your musical skills.

Tara offers personalized 1:1 sessions in voice, piano, music theory, confidence-building, live performance coaching, and yoga. Her holistic approach integrates these elements to create tailored programs in a highly supportive learning environment. Tara believes music can be a powerful tool for integration and confidence-building, and she is dedicated to being her students' number one fan.

Tara works with students as young as 7 years old through adult, and offers lesson both online and in-person in Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

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