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Music Maker, Soul Shaker

A 6-Week Online Music & Yoga Program for Self-Regulation

(Ages 4-6, with exception)

Music Maker, Soul Shaker is a 6-week online program from Tara Lawton Voice Studio where music basics meet yoga basics for ages 4-6. 


What happens when you combine tools from music and yoga? Why an incredible toolkit for self-regulation and managing our emotional states!


Your little one's guide, Tara Lawton, is a professional musician based in NYC, USA and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. Having used the modalities of music and yoga to facilitate her own personal healing and growth Tara now seeks to share these tools with the next generation. 


Our 6-week online program runs Saturday, March 26-April 30, 2022. Classes are approximately 30-minutes in length on Zoom with sessions available at 12pm & 2pm EDT. You're welcome to mix and match classes to suit your schedule. Come at 12pm EDT one week, 2pm EDT the next. You're even welcome to join both sessions in a day. It's up to you!

Would you like to join Music Maker Soul Shaker but Saturdays don't work for your schedule? Please let us know by filling out the form here. This is our first launch, so we have some flexibility with the days & times of class.

Yoga Mats


Music Maker Soul Shaker 6-Week Online Program


Weekly Class Structure:
30-minutes of Online Participatory Instruction

Image by Kimberly Farmer
  1. Welcome Song: Warm-up the voice & body

  2. Welcome Breathwork: Center and prepare the mind for learning

  3. Emotion/Feeling of the Day: Happy, Love, Surprise, Sad, Fear, or Anger

    • What does the emotion of the day mean to you?

    • How does the emotion show up in your body and make you feel?

  4. Musical Word/Concept of the Day: 

    • What is it and how do we apply it to music? 

    • How can we use it to help us manage the emotion of the day? 

    • Practice using music to self-regulate the emotion of the day.

  5. Yoga Pose of the Day:

    • What is the pose and how do we find the pose in our body?

    • How does this pose help your body?

    • How can this pose help us manage the emotion of the day?

  6. Savasana (Final Resting Pose) and See You Soon Song

Music Maker

Image by Marius Masalar
  • Basic Musical Concepts

    1. Sound: How is it made?

    2. Pitch: High, medium, low

    3. Melody & Harmony: Different patterns & melodies working together

    4. Rhythm: How we feel it in our bodies & how we use it to self-regulate


  • Feel Good Sing Alongs

    1. Welcome Song

    2. See You Soon Song


  • How does music connect us to our emotional bodies? 


  • How can we use music to help self-regulate?

Soul Shaker (Mindfulness)

Image by Jared Rice
  • Basic Yoga Poses:

    1. Cat/Cow

    2. Downward Facing Dog

    3. Side-body Stretch

    4. Savasana (resting pose) and more!


  • Benefits of the Breath 

  1. How to marry breath to movements

  2. Why breathing while moving is so important


  • How does vibration play a role in making sound? How does silence influence sound? 


  • How can we use vibration and silence to self-soothe? 

Pricing MMSS
Image by Siniz Kim

Schedule & Exchange

Dates & Times

Music Maker Soul Shaker is a 6-week program. We will meet on Saturdays from March 26-April 30, 2022.

Classes are held on Zoom at 12pm & 2pm EDT (Please note: This is Eastern Daylight Time Zone). Attend either or both sessions each week as your schedule permits.

Interested, but unavailable on Saturdays? Please fill out the form here as we have flexibility to add more sessions on different days if there's interest. 

Online Participatory Classes

All classes take place online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out before the first session and we will utilize the same Zoom link for all 6 sessions of the program.

Classes will be recorded and shared exclusively with participants who have signed up for the 6-week session. Students may keep the recordings for playback when desired or to make-up missed classes.


Music Maker Soul Shaker is a $400 exchange for all 6 mix & match sessions as well as access to the recordings of class.


Please use the "Register" button below to fill out the Registration Form for PayPal or Venmo Payments or use the Pay Now button to reserve your child's spot with Credit/Debit Card payments.

This is our inaugural launch of Music Maker Soul Shaker. Join us at a special rate for our first 6-week session and lock in our best price available.

Register MMSS
Image by Monika Kozub

Registration Form

Music Maker Soul Shaker 6-Week Online Program

Please provide your information to register your child for Music Maker Soul Shaker. You may submit payment using the "Buy Now" button below.

Otherwise you will be sent an invoice for alternate payment options. Thank you!

Thank you! Now let's get ready to do some music-makin' & soul-shakin'!

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