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Tara Lawton

Singer | Composer | Voice & Piano Instructor






Tara is a New York City, USA based singer, composer, vocal & piano instructor. She is also a co-founder of Straight Up 80s Band and creator of the Music Maker Soul Shaker: Kids Music & Yoga Program for Self-Regulation.

A native of Syracuse, NY, USA, Tara took to the stage at a young age as singer and actor. Her love of story-telling evolved over the years into becoming a professional singer working across the globe with various talent agencies, incredible world-class musicians and bands of many genres.

Settling in New York City, USA in 2013 after traveling the world performing on stages far and wide, Tara opened Tara Lawton Voice Studio to share her love of music with others. She is passionate about the fact that music is a skill like any other that can be developed & honed and is not only for those born with natural talent. With hard work and persistence, Tara knows any skills can be obtained, mountains overturned.

In 2019, Tara became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor after discovering yoga as a means to healing and personal growth especially when combined with the intrinsic healing powers of music. In 2020, she developed the curriculum for what would become Music Maker Soul Shaker: Kids Music & Yoga Program for Self-Regulation. After discovering the self-regulation properties of these two modalities, it became a necessity to share this incredible information with everyone who would listen. Tara imagines a better, more compassionate world especially if we give children the tools they need to support themselves at a young age.

During the uncertainties of the Covid-19 Pandemic Tara began a new journey: Composition for Hire. Tara has created music for Podcasts, Audio Books and other listening experiences. A music-creator for life, Tara greatly enjoys sharing in another's vision and assisting in actualizing that vision through the creation of custom music compositions.

If anything is certain in life, it's only that life is uncertain...especially as a musician in today's world! Tara does her best to enjoy every minute of the journey whether easy and difficult. She hopes that if she does anything with her time on this planet, it is to bring joy to others through the beauty music (and yoga) offer us. Won't you come along for the ride?

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